New Circular Issued

KIIFB Technical Inspection Monitoring System

K-TIMS is a software for submission of reports to the Chief project Examiner for conducting inspections in Public Works. KIIFB has accorded approval for the implementation of various infrastructure projects in the state and the projects are to be implemented in due course. These works are to be carried out by Special Purpose Vehicle organizations (SPVs) strictly following Govt. guidelines for execution of public works. Inspection authority in KIIFB is empowered to conduct examination of works being carried out by SPV's..
All SPVs are required to submit 'WORK INTIMATION REPORTS' in respect of following a process similar to submission of report to the Chief Project Examiner for departmental work under Govt. of Kerala.These reports are to be submitted to the Chief Project Examiner(KIIFB)through KIIFB Technical Inspection Montoring System (K-TIMS) Software so that filed inspection can be planned by the officer from inspection authority.

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